Hi Guys !

Each month we have a different set of activities for you to do. These activities will help you learn more about our Earth and how to protect it.


Are you ready to have some fun.  Look at the picture below and see if you can find the animals listed below the picture.

Its amazing how many animals live together  in the forest. That’s why its important for us to protect our forests.

 Learning About Our Earth.

See if you can find out and answers to the questions below. Use Google or one of the other search engines to help you find the answers. 

1.      What is the most endangered animal on earth?

2.      Did any animals become extinct within the last 5 years?

3.      What must we do to prevent animals from becoming extinct?


Interesting Facts

*     The human population of the world is expected to be nearly tripled by the year 2100.


*     Every day 50 to 100 species of plants and animals become extinct as their habitat and human influences destroy them.


*     We have ransacked the planet for ways to get fuels and raw materials and this has been the cause of extinction of an unthinkable amount of plants and animals.

Despite all of the damage we have caused the environment most of it is reversible. We can restore habitats and return species to them; clean rivers; renovate buildings; replenish the topsoil, replant forests.

 “Fact of the Month”

 “ Energy used from one recycled aluminium can will operate a TV set for 3 hours”.

 “Remember to look under Competitions to see what exciting competition is running this month”

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