With sustainability fast becoming a vital component of all living and development , Enterprises are being asked to become responsible Corporate Citizens, integrating the principles of sustainability into every aspect of enterprise development. A lot of companies have understood and responded to this need and have concentrated on aligning the physical attributes of the enterprise to meet sustainable objectives. However, in order to achieve these objectives, all enterprise resources need to be aligned and in particular that of Human Resource.  Failure to address existing paradigms and up-skill staff on sustainability and the need to work and produce in a sustainable manner will prevent the achievement of even the most well intended green initiative. It is not only customers and shareholders who need to see corporate investment in sustainable initiatives. Leaving behind key human resource to remain in a paradigm trapped in the past will not support sustainability, its competitive advantage and the critical need for change.

Our Employee Skills Development Programmes support employee development and provide them with a compelling reason to change behaviour patterns to support sustainability. They are aimed at preparing them for change and create a platform for this change. They further support existing or future enterprise green initiatives such as reduction of waste , water and electricity consumption in the workplace. The enterprise receives the added benefit of a reduction in operational costs in addition to being a catalyst for sustainable change within the community.




Number of Delegates per Group


Sustainable Workplaces – Embracing Change

4 hours


South Africa Sustainability – Past, Current and Future State.

Creation of a paradigm shift for Sustainability

The Workplace of the Future.

Practical Alternatives for Individuals and Teams

Sustainable Workplaces – Embracing Change

2 hours


South Africa Sustainability – Past, Current and Future State.

Creation of a paradigm shift for Sustainability

The Workplace of the Future.

Sustainable Workplaces – Building Green Teams

3 hours


Being a Member of a  Green Team

Emotional Intelligence

Green Intelligence

GQ – Green Intelligence

3 days


South Africa Sustainability – Past, Current and Future State.

The Workplace and Workforce of the Future.

Creation of a paradigm shift for Sustainability

Green Skills - Water

Green Skills  - Energy

Green Skills – Waste.

Green Skills – E - Waste

Toolkit for Identification of Green initiatives within the Workplace.

Workplace Green Checklist


 - Examples of Green Skills Projects in the Workplace.

Practical Application

  • Identification of Waste within the enterprise .
  • Sustainable , cost effective alternatives.
  • Green Teams

Organisation Integration       ( Life Skills)

2 Days


Uniqueness - Journey of Self- discovery.

Strategies to deal with life situations.

Making informed life decisions based on skills and knowledge.

Dealing with conflict, diversity and change.

Identification of support systems.

Identification of personal goals and action plan to achieve these goals.

Understanding the Organisational structure.

Codes of conduct in the workplace.

Your Manager

Your Colleagues

Effective Line Communication in the workplace.

Understanding of Team Dynamics and the shared values and behaviour required to sustain effective teams.

Mentorship and how to select and engage with a mentor.


3 hours


The Concept and Characteristics of mentoring.

Selecting your Mentor.

The Role of the Mentor and Mentee.

Train the Trainer

1 day


Planning and Preparing for Training

Delivering Presentations

Facilitating Group and Individual Training

Review Training and Development


3 hours


What is Assertiveness?

Practical Application.

Assertiveness and Accountability.

Emotional Intelligence

4 hours


IQ and EQ


Identification of behaviour patterns


Dealing with Conflict

Note : Training Costs are provided per group and not individual Learner. This makes the training very cost effective. All prices are available on request.



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